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Office furniture Netherlands

We have over 200 furniture brands and are an independent furniture seller. Request here for an offer or an appointment.

We deliver in whole Europe. Look here for our reference projects.

From one office chair to a complete project? We can arrange it for you.  We can take care of the total project from office furniture to curtains/carpets/walls. Are you looking for a manager for a project management project in The Netherlands or international? 

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We have a very effective method of working with office furniture Netherlands. We bring some identified key elements and work according to the so-called GOTIK-principe:

  • Money: What are the (readily available) funds to finance the project?
  • Organisation: which parties can help inside and outside the organisation in the project and what
    tasks they can take on?
  • Time: how much time the project takes including preparation and follow-up?
  • Information: what information is available before, during and after the project?
  • Quality: the qualitative characteristics and qualitative safeguards are needed to make the project successful?

To involve you in the project, is the way to achieve optimal results, tailored to your own wishes. The roadmap that we use in this method of working, proves itself time and time again. After each step, we evaluate together with our client, what has been done and what issues arise. Thus, we determine the strategy for the next step.

  • The roadmap from office furniture Netherlands is as follows:
  • initiative
  • definition
  • design
  • preparation
  • realisation
  • aftercare


Call us for questions or an appointment +31 (0)20 280 1100 office furniture Netherlands