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Office furniture Netherlands

Private or business, you're welcome at office furniture Netherlands from De meubelmakelaar We are not a dealer of well-known furniture brands, so we can give you a truly independent advice. With over 20 years experience in the Dutch furniture industry, we can give you the perfect advice and that can really save you a lot. De Meubelmakelaar for office furniture Netherlands.

-We have more than 200 furniture brands for 100% the best price.
-Request for an offer or an appointment.
-From one office chair to a complete project? We can arrange it for you.  

We organize for you the following:

The (ARBO)Health and Safety Laws and Standards
The instructions
The material selection
The design
The Organizing test models
The color advice

It sounds too good to be true, but who is paying The Furniture Broker (de meubelmakelaar)?

We get a small commission from the party which gives you the best price. Because of our volume, we have purchasing agreements with large and small parties. You don't buy from us, we are just the mediator. Advice on an hourly basis a project designer professionals you can hire for the entire project of office furniture Netherlands.

Call us without obligation about office furniture Netherlands with one of our brokers for an appointment or for immediate telephone advice. 0031-624919124 Office furniture Netherlands